Why Organic Cotton?

You know Organic Certified food is better for your family and the environment. You want your food to be healthy, but what about your clothes?

Green Mother Goods believes in Organic Certified cotton, because clothing produced without pesticides and chemical fertilizers is healthier for you, the workers who grow and harvest the cotton, and the environment where it’s grown.

Conventional cotton requires an enormous amount of chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals are carried into the soil and the water systems in the areas where cotton is grown, with far-ranging environmental consequences. The chemical impact of conventional cotton production extends beyond the fields, to the factories where clothing is made and ultimately you and your family, as we come into contact with cotton products every day.

At Green Mother Goods, we’re proud to carry clothing from Pact and Maggie’s Organics.

Pact produces Organic Certified clothing, ensuring the well-being of the producers through Fair trade Certification, Global Organic Standard Certification, and in partnership with Chetna Organics to source from small-scale farms.

Maggie’s Organics uses Organic Certified wool and cotton, and ensures quality and standards though contracts directly with each step of the supply chain, from farm to finish. As an added bonus, Maggie’s Organics products are knit in five family-owned knitting mills right here in North Carolina!